Thursday, September 28, 2006

SRC Powah

Apparently I have to do an english blog. Have to ? Sounds like an obligation. Well I'm supposed to tell my life. I'm gonna introduce myself first. I'm actually studying at Bordeaux, in NCS (SRC in french) Networks and Communicaion Services. So I'm not gonna say that I love multimedia...!

What I like, besides normal things that evreybody likes (eating, sleeping ?) :
- creating websites
- webdesign
- going out with friends
- going to the cinema
- listening to music
- reading (sometimes !)
- going to SRC (what ?!)

What I don't like :
- hypocrisy
- random things I just can't think at the moment

I was born in Paris, at Eaubonne in the Val d'Oise. Then I (or my parents, since I was a child) moved to Luxembourg. I went to the European School, from 4 to 17 years old. So I just had my bac, an european bac. What about my origins ? My father is French and my mother is Philipino. Yes, so I'm bilingual, due to the fact that I've spoken english with my mother ever since I was born (hum). That's it for today !

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