Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random facts (interesting and...less interesting)

Not being able to go for trips and visit on week-ends (a week-end is really too short if you want to fully enjoy), the direct consequence is a "full" social life. Ok, I won't detail my nights out, but there are some episodes I would like to share.
14th of July (hey yeah, French National Day) was organised by the french ambassador at the Sofitel Plazza Hotel. All french workers were invited. Tuxedos, dresses and french buffet would sum up this "oh so" enjoying night.
The fliming team (actors and producer) of the french film "OSS 117" was there, promoting the film in the Philippines (without main actor Jean Dujardin).

Last week-end, I was able (thanks to my aunt) to go to Dolphy's birthday party. Who's Dolphy ? One of the most famous comedian in the Philippines. He turned 79 and is still acting !
I shook hands with him and have a picture (I'll blog as soon as I can). Most philippinos celebrities were there, but hum sorry I didn't recognize them. I basically shook hands and nodded. There was a buffet and the theme of the night was the 20's. Everybody was dressed up !

Being in the Philippines made me live funny moments. I talked in german to a half-philippino, half-swiss guy in a bar ! Speaking german... in the Philippines. Who would have thought of that knowing I didn't speak german for a year.

And now, the sad part. I won't be able to make any visits anymore, or only very few, because I'm very limited at the moment. I actually broke 2 bones in my left foot. I'm walking around with crutches and sometimes it's really hard !

Friday, July 13, 2007


Sorry I didn't blog before... I had almost forgotten about this blog.
I will add pictures as soon as I can.

So, I've been in the Philippines for a little more than a month, and it's a totally new experience.
Very poor parts and wealthy cities. You wouldn't believe how developped it is. Big buildings, banks, enormous malls, cinema complexes and advertisements everywhere, at some point you would think you're in America. Communication is amazing. Everybody has a (or more) phone and texting is like the national sport. Text messages are very cheap, and the Philippines is the number one country for text messages sent per day...
Besides, poverty...Children selling flowers, people selling anything, from bottled water to sponges or hankerchieves. Waiting on the street to tap on the window of the cars, waiting at crossroads, following you... Doing anything to help, like helping you park you car just to receive a "tip".
Lifestyle here is so different. No stress, take your time, enjoy ! Yes really, what I appreciate here is that you enjoy, you should enjoy every moment. Enjoy your meal, your stay... If you want to do something or go somewhere, OK, let's do it ! Nothing is really planned (except for trips or things like that). Live your day and just see what will happen. Spontaneity, surprises, etc.

Ok, that's it for now...
I really like it here, I almost feel at home !!