Sunday, May 03, 2009

News from Frankfurt Am Main

Hi there!

I'm busy as always... I've just finished my chinese classes, which took place every Saturday mornings. But now, instead, I have other courses on Saturday... Will I ever experience a normal week-end again ?

Last Saturday, I had my first german presentation, which counts for a lot because there are no exams in this subject. I talked about Web 2.0 in a company's environnement regarding learning theories, E-Learning and Learning Communities.
Manye german people told me it was good, so I take that as a compliment coming from Germans haha. The only thing is that I was quite stressed so I forgot points and talked fast and apparently in a too low voice...

Other that, what have I been doing in Frankfurt ? Well, last Saturday (April 25th) was the Museum's Night, so I could visit many museums. The thing is, they were all crowded so you couldn't really "enjoy" what you visited. It was more like a 'marathon' of museums ! Museums of cinema and the one of Communication were interesting.

And last Thursday, David Guetta (one of the most famous french DJs) came to Frankfurt ! He mixed in one of the most famous clubs here, Cocoon. Of course, my french friends and me were there.

We had a good sight of him and were dancing like crazy on his music.
He of course played his latest song, "When love takes over". Check out my videos of that night!