Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Eating disorders ?!

I'm going to talk to you about food.
Being half french, half philippino have made that I have 2 ranges of tastes. On the one hand, I like "french cuisine", fine and delicate, foie gras, oysters, champagne, you get it. I love having a dinner and finishing it on a sweet taste. Dessert is very important for me.
On the other hand, I love mixed tastes and flavors. Sweet and sour, spicy, very sweet. Having everything mixed in one dish (aka adobo), eating without thinking about the order, just mixing everything in the plate. The sauce, the meat, the vegetables, everything. May sound weird. I love japanese, chinese and philippino food. Japanese is my favorite. It's also delicate !

Most of all, I can't have dinner/lunch without rice and/or chocolate. I don't know, I realized rice has entered my diet. I cook rice everyday. I figured out I needed it. It would be weird for 100 % french people. I even bought a mini rice cooker here in my apartment !
Then... chocolate. Yes, I kind of have an addiction to it. Dark chocolate, or any cake or cookie but made of/with chocolate ! I have to eat that everyday.

I don't have eating disorders, but as you can see, I have some special kind of cravings...

Friday, November 30, 2007


Sometimes, I do think a lot.. I begin to philosophize about life...

Actually I needed to come and write my thoughts here, because since yesterday, I am thinking in english in my head. It happens to me sometimes, and I can't explain why. Although I'm french, I have thinking language disorders, if we can call it that way... Everyday I speak and think in french, but when I come to be alone, I start thinking in english. I don't know if it ever happened to you. I'm not telling my english is perfect, but I even come to speak to myself in english...

So yesterday I started thinking about my future life, as I am considering my further studies. The choice is hard and I realized that until now I don't know what I want. That's why a lot of questions arroused in my head. Would I rather have an easy job, and be happy with it and have time for myself ? Or a hard but fulfilling job, which would be time consumming, letting me less time with my loved ones ? (family, friends...)
What is more important in life, aside from happiness and health, love and friendship or personal success, meaning money ? Come to think of it, my motivation would be money... But combining success and money can be possible no ?

So here came my big thought : choice. Yes, life is made of choices. All along the path to happiness, you have to make decisions, which can change the whole thing.
I was thinking about going to a business top school, then I realized, if I'd do that, it was only for the further possibilites... good job, good pay. But do I really like that ? My first love is music, but it can't be my life. So I started looking, and I realized I liked languages and culture. Journalism studies, translator studies ? I think I'll apply in the 3... But this does not answer my question, what do I want in life ? I want to spend time with the loved ones, I want to party, I want to travel, I want to discover, I want to learn, I want to think... I want to have fun, without thinking back.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm 19

I don't usually talk about my life in full details here, as this blog is linked to my more of a "professional" blog (the french one), but talking about my birthday is... I think important.

So apparently, yesterday I turned 19. What ? Do you mean this is my last "teen" year ? Oh no... time passes so fast. I invited some people in my place, then we went to a bar where there was karaoke night... but karaokes here are not as good as karaokes in the Philippines ! Philippinos have a tendency to sing like superstars, whereas french like... ok I won't name it, you just guess. Reminded me good times though.
So far, my eighteenth year was my best year of my life, so I shall hope my nineteenth one will be even better. I'm up to many things anyway. Firstly, my internship... Australia, China, London... Where, I don't know ? i'm working on it. Then, next year's studies. I'm going to pass an exam to go in a top business school, hope it will work !
To go back to my birthday, I didn't mention gifts. So far, I didn't receive much yet, apart for Marshmallows (sweet !). I treated myself though. I bought myself a guitar, and also the new whole season of the OC, and the OC soundtrack (OC Mix 6). Yeah, more music for me !!! Guitar time in my appartement, that's just going to be cool.
Oh man, I hope I didn't bore you with these facts... anyway, this is my blog !
See you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Help !

I completely forgot to mention something. I am currently looking for my internship, which I have to do in order to have my diploma.

I want to do an internship in webdesign/IT/communication/video editing, in Australia (Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne). I am looking on the Internet but if ever you have tips or webistes where I could look for it, I would appreciate it ! I have family in Sydney, so accomodation is not a problem.

Besides, I am aso willing to do my internship in other countries, like the Philippines, China or London, Spain or Germany.

I am willing to learn and I am a hard worker. Any help or tips would do...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Extra free time

France is definitely the number one country of strikes !
Started all with angry fishermen, than angry railway workers and now angry students...

Seems like the french are never happy, and always ready to let the others know when they're unhappy. Stereotype ? Maybe, but sometimes it is just so true. Proud, noisy and ... lazy.

Of course it is our right to protest, and show our discontentment, but I think it's going too far.
For exemple, my Technical College is on strike until Monday 12am, mainly for solidarity with the others. (and yes it was democratic vote)

Sooner on a week-end... but lost lessons, too.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

On holiday, for only one week though.

I'm so happy, I'm going to be able to have a propper rest.
I also wanted to do things I don't usually do, like walking outside, reading, chilling, and being away, yes very far from any computer. But it seems like it's not going to be possible, due to the amount of work given. Several projects, which all have to be handed in or presented in November, or start of December. Gosh.

Never mind, I'll have to spend some time on my computer then... :(
What, am I saying I don't like it ? Well, I don't want to turn into a real Geek, spending my whole days on a computer. I'm almost doing that for the moment, being on my computer from morning (in school) til dawn.(slightly exaggerated)

Haha, anyway.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some news

Exactly one month has passed since my last post. Many things happened !
Firstly, I could meet up with some of my objectives. I do play piano everyday, go out more, and work for the company. Understand how busy I am !

We are having so many projects to work on for school, too.

That will be all... if you understand french, go to my other blog here. There are more updates there.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Start of a new year

School ("college") started last thursday... It seems like we are going to have many big projects this year !
I am now a "2nd year", funny to think that, while the new first years arrived yesterday.

I took resolutions for this year, as I should organize myself more, in order to do more ! Eventhough 3rd semester looks real tough, I :
- am now working few hours per week for the company where I did my internship
- am planning to continue the guitar (buy one ?)
- will practice piano everyday
- will read... more !!!
- want to take theatre or guitar or danse lesson (but that will depend on my schedule...having no free afternoons at all)
- am learning tagalog online (I'm also listenning to philippino songs and trying to memorize them)
- am planning to have good grades... in as many subjects as possible
- want to go out... more !

Yeah, what a program huh... I'll see how it goes !

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You want to see more pictures ?

Well, here you go. I created another blog, specially made for my stay in the Philippines. Click here.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back from the Philippines...

Well yes, here I am back in France. I've returned last saturday... It's just soo weird being back here, after having lived 3 months in the Philippines. 3 excellent months would I say. An experience that I shall remember all my life. Work and human experience... I already miss everybody back there, my friends, the trainees, the philippinos, my family...
From now on, I won't look at things the same way as before... And also, I will enjoy each and every moment !

I'll write more. Some other time.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random facts (interesting and...less interesting)

Not being able to go for trips and visit on week-ends (a week-end is really too short if you want to fully enjoy), the direct consequence is a "full" social life. Ok, I won't detail my nights out, but there are some episodes I would like to share.
14th of July (hey yeah, French National Day) was organised by the french ambassador at the Sofitel Plazza Hotel. All french workers were invited. Tuxedos, dresses and french buffet would sum up this "oh so" enjoying night.
The fliming team (actors and producer) of the french film "OSS 117" was there, promoting the film in the Philippines (without main actor Jean Dujardin).

Last week-end, I was able (thanks to my aunt) to go to Dolphy's birthday party. Who's Dolphy ? One of the most famous comedian in the Philippines. He turned 79 and is still acting !
I shook hands with him and have a picture (I'll blog as soon as I can). Most philippinos celebrities were there, but hum sorry I didn't recognize them. I basically shook hands and nodded. There was a buffet and the theme of the night was the 20's. Everybody was dressed up !

Being in the Philippines made me live funny moments. I talked in german to a half-philippino, half-swiss guy in a bar ! Speaking german... in the Philippines. Who would have thought of that knowing I didn't speak german for a year.

And now, the sad part. I won't be able to make any visits anymore, or only very few, because I'm very limited at the moment. I actually broke 2 bones in my left foot. I'm walking around with crutches and sometimes it's really hard !

Friday, July 13, 2007


Sorry I didn't blog before... I had almost forgotten about this blog.
I will add pictures as soon as I can.

So, I've been in the Philippines for a little more than a month, and it's a totally new experience.
Very poor parts and wealthy cities. You wouldn't believe how developped it is. Big buildings, banks, enormous malls, cinema complexes and advertisements everywhere, at some point you would think you're in America. Communication is amazing. Everybody has a (or more) phone and texting is like the national sport. Text messages are very cheap, and the Philippines is the number one country for text messages sent per day...
Besides, poverty...Children selling flowers, people selling anything, from bottled water to sponges or hankerchieves. Waiting on the street to tap on the window of the cars, waiting at crossroads, following you... Doing anything to help, like helping you park you car just to receive a "tip".
Lifestyle here is so different. No stress, take your time, enjoy ! Yes really, what I appreciate here is that you enjoy, you should enjoy every moment. Enjoy your meal, your stay... If you want to do something or go somewhere, OK, let's do it ! Nothing is really planned (except for trips or things like that). Live your day and just see what will happen. Spontaneity, surprises, etc.

Ok, that's it for now...
I really like it here, I almost feel at home !!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Hey everybody... I don't really know what to do about this blog... I suppose my life doesn't interest much people... and I have almost no comments...
Either I close this blog, either I translate and put the articles that I publish on my french blog... Either I write, or begin to write "interesting" articles... Don't really know... Please tell me !! I think no one will tell me because no one comes here... Catch 22...

Anyways... About the "life" part... I'm going to the Philippines !!! So looking forward to it. It will be for a webdesign internship. 3 months... it's gonna be so cool, plus seeing my family, that I haven't seen for 12 years ! Gosh.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey everybody!

How are you ? Well me I'm fine although a little tired. One week left and I'm in looking forward to it !

I have an internship in New Romney, Kent, but tomorrow I'm gonna have an interview for an internship in the Philipines! I'll tell you more about it. My mother is philipino but I didn't get any help, believe me.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yesterday, I went to Paris for an interview. I visited a little, but unfortunately the weather wasn't friendly... It's so funny to walk with all those people around you who are in such a hurry, when you're taking all your time. I guess I must have bothered some, when stopping to shoot the Eiffel Tower.

For my interview, I'll know next week if I'm taken or not, I hope the answer is positive !

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hello everybody

I'm sooo tired... I'm doing my internship in a printing house (office ?), and eventhough I'm not doing much I feel so exhausted at the end of the day...

Working on old Macs (OS 9.2) has somehow made me more confident about using them now, it seems better to use a Mac now. I was so used to Windows that I didn't like using Macs, but now it's quite the same after all. Wow sorry, for Mac users this must sound quite offensive, as for them Mac is better...!

Okay so I found out about how everything works in a printing house, from designing to final printing. I also had small jobs to do like scanning or making advertisements with Photoshop...

Work conditions weren't the best though, working on a very slow Mac, with old softwares (Photoshop 5, InDesign 2), and only one network wire for 3 computers !! At least it has tought me how to adapt myself...

Internship done !!!
Although I learnt many interesting things, I didn't like this week.

I know that I won't work in this domain later !!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blood Diamond

Yesterday I went to the cinema with a friend and we watched "Blood Diamond".
Violent and shocking yet excellent ! I really liked it. Of course it's a big production film, of course there is Leonardo di Caprio, of course there is action, but the film does not leave you indifferent. The film shows the horrors of the civil war, of children being forced to become soldiers, of poverty. After seeing this film, you'll never see diamonds the same way...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's have been a while !

Hey everybody out there !!! Long time no see... But I didn't remember my password nor my account anymore... Oops !
So even though I know there is almost nobody reading me here, or even no one, it just happened that I felt the need to write here, or at least the need to write in english. English misses me so much, and laziness took possession of my tongue, which direct consequence is that I speak more french than english with my mother... Shame on me I know... Hopefully I find hundreds of very interesting websites in english ! Otherwise, what can I say ? Well first of all, as you already probably know, it has snowed here in Bordeaux !!! Amazing, isn't it ? The problem is that now it is freezing cold ! I remember now that I HATE the cold... White landscapes are beautiful though. Other very interesting fact, I've bought a keyboard for my small appartment in Bordeaux ! It is just so nice to be allowed to play whenever I want to. Music plays a very important part in my life, I am even thinking about retaking piano lessons...
Anyway it was just to let you know that I am not dead... I'll be coming back soon !