Monday, June 30, 2008

Useful chinese expressions

One of the only ones I know...

Ni hao... How are you (but not as a question)

Wei ... Used when you answer the phone.(Wei, ni hao ?)

Bu yao ! ... I don't want (very useful, most of chinese will try to sell you anything)

Wo yao (Wo yao zhe ge) ... I want (I want this)

Bu zhi dao ... I don't know

De, due, hao de ... Yes, ok, good

Shi ... Yes

Bu shi ... No (I say it all the time !!!)

Faguo ... France (yes, taxi drivers always ask me where I'm from.. Wo xie faguo ren !!! )

Xie xie ... Thank you (pronounce she she)

Due bu shi ... I'm sorry (pronounce doue boo tche)

Zai jian ... Good bye

and.. that's all !! But with these few word, and body language, I manage to get what I want... and don't want !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


These days I never updated this blog, because first of all I didn't have time, and also because "blogger" is usually blocked here in China.

Today I suprisingly found it wasn't blocked so that's why I'm taking this opportunity to give some news.

I'm really enjoying Shanghai, more for the "expat life" than anything else. Because apart from shopping, restaurant, club, karaoke, etc. there is in fact not much to do once you have visited (what should be visited).

There are cities to see, but they are one hour or more from Shanghai (Hangzhou, Suzhou), and these days the weather is always bad on week-ends, especially on Sundays, days we usually plan to go visit one of these cities...

So the good thing here is meeting people, networking, people from different countries, origins, cultures.

Well of course there are many things to do here in Shanghai, as long as you have money !!