Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hello everybody

I'm sooo tired... I'm doing my internship in a printing house (office ?), and eventhough I'm not doing much I feel so exhausted at the end of the day...

Working on old Macs (OS 9.2) has somehow made me more confident about using them now, it seems better to use a Mac now. I was so used to Windows that I didn't like using Macs, but now it's quite the same after all. Wow sorry, for Mac users this must sound quite offensive, as for them Mac is better...!

Okay so I found out about how everything works in a printing house, from designing to final printing. I also had small jobs to do like scanning or making advertisements with Photoshop...

Work conditions weren't the best though, working on a very slow Mac, with old softwares (Photoshop 5, InDesign 2), and only one network wire for 3 computers !! At least it has tought me how to adapt myself...

Internship done !!!
Although I learnt many interesting things, I didn't like this week.

I know that I won't work in this domain later !!!

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