Friday, September 21, 2007

Start of a new year

School ("college") started last thursday... It seems like we are going to have many big projects this year !
I am now a "2nd year", funny to think that, while the new first years arrived yesterday.

I took resolutions for this year, as I should organize myself more, in order to do more ! Eventhough 3rd semester looks real tough, I :
- am now working few hours per week for the company where I did my internship
- am planning to continue the guitar (buy one ?)
- will practice piano everyday
- will read... more !!!
- want to take theatre or guitar or danse lesson (but that will depend on my schedule...having no free afternoons at all)
- am learning tagalog online (I'm also listenning to philippino songs and trying to memorize them)
- am planning to have good grades... in as many subjects as possible
- want to go out... more !

Yeah, what a program huh... I'll see how it goes !

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