Sunday, January 06, 2008

End of the holidays...

This picture doesn't quite sum up my holidays (you can also find it on my french blog), but almost. Some reading, some Christmas gifts (I've become a "Heroes" addict, that's for sure), some chocolate, some shopping (I love MNG Jeans !) and some visiting. That's for the fun part ! I spent last week in Luxembourg.

I've also been looking for my internship in Shanghai or Luxembourg... I've been to so many websites and sent so many emails and applications... Gosh. And almost no answers... I hope I will find it in time.

And now, the sad part. End of the holidays. What, are you saying going back to class tomorrow ? Oh noooo. Time passes so quickly, which is a bad thing under these circumstances, but it is also a good thing. (the end of the year is near !!!). The end not's near, it's here. (Band of Horses, fools ! Excellent song by the way)

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Juliet said...

my holidays were really fantastic...i received a lot of know i love chocolate's too good, too sweet.......just a word? GREAT!