Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't stop the music

No, I'm not going to talk about the "oh-so-many-times" heard hit song from Rihanna.
No, I don't want to stop the music.
Yes, I love music.

Music is my life savior. Music is like love, it's universal. Music can't let you down, unless people. Music is always there when you feel lonely. Music makes you smile when you were sad.

I have this real addiction to music. I can't live one day without listenning to music. In the morning, I put my iPod's earphones in my ears and walk to school, same thing in the afternoon when coming home. When I'm at home, the radio, or music from my computer, is always on.

I also play the piano and the guitar. I've been playing piano for 12 years now. Once I've started playing, I can't stop. I like to play popular and pop piano, mainly from what I hear on the radio. I also play some classics as well.

I play the guitar everyday now. I just can't stop searching for songs on
I like playing Incubus, Coldplay, Cranberries, Michelle Branch and Eagle Eyes Cherry's songs. The thing is, I learn new songs by myself, but I don't really progress. Strumming gets better, but not the technique. Lately, I also sing along. I've found out I could actually sing. I'm not saying I'm this big singer, but I remember all the times I would sing and enjoy karaoke times when in the Philippines.
Well, playing and singing is tough, but I kinda manage a few songs.
I'd really like to be part of a band someday... but at the moment, I'm too shy to sing to someone to know whether it's good or not.(well some privileged heard me... "how do you do to sing and play at the same time ?!")

Music is like a companion... In good and bad times, there will always be this good song which you will remember, which trully describes a precise moment in your life. Even when you party, there will always be the "party" song of a period.

Listenning to old songs can bring back the nostalgia and good memories of people and places... there are even songs you used to like that you will hate, because of this bad moment.

Well, I think you get the picture... Music is... life !


Juliet said...


now u r a link of mine too...see ya!

Juliet said...

i love songs played with the guitar........