Monday, June 30, 2008

Useful chinese expressions

One of the only ones I know...

Ni hao... How are you (but not as a question)

Wei ... Used when you answer the phone.(Wei, ni hao ?)

Bu yao ! ... I don't want (very useful, most of chinese will try to sell you anything)

Wo yao (Wo yao zhe ge) ... I want (I want this)

Bu zhi dao ... I don't know

De, due, hao de ... Yes, ok, good

Shi ... Yes

Bu shi ... No (I say it all the time !!!)

Faguo ... France (yes, taxi drivers always ask me where I'm from.. Wo xie faguo ren !!! )

Xie xie ... Thank you (pronounce she she)

Due bu shi ... I'm sorry (pronounce doue boo tche)

Zai jian ... Good bye

and.. that's all !! But with these few word, and body language, I manage to get what I want... and don't want !


Juliet said... hao... I'm back. when do you return in france?
this post is very interesting...i'd like study chinese but, you know, i have no time...
My days are passing with the books....i have some exams before going to camping in toscana.... (oh my english gets worse and worse!)

Stella said...

hey !! i return on the 14th of August.
Good luck for your exams !!

your english is still ok ;)