Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok, I might have slightly exaggerated in my previous post talking about New York... It was great, really. I think the cold just got me, but hey, what do you expect, it's winter stupid!

I've watched a Broadway musical "Guys and Dolls" and it was just brilliant -awesome- !
I've walked on 5th Avenue and was amazed by all the luxury shops present there.
I've walked in Central Park, but here, found really nothing special, except maybe seeing squirrels, but even.
I've eaten in a cheap and delicious Vietnamese restaurant, thanks again to my friend Michelle!
I've bought more than a dozen postcards and it ruined me.
I've visited the Guggenheim Museum and would have liked to stayed longer.
I've seen the Statue of Liberty from afar only.
I've walked and got lost in the financial district.
I've visited Ground Zero Foundation and took a tour with a guide, whom husband died on 9/11.
I've listenned to her story and got sad.
I've taken the subway and found it old and outdated.
I heard the police alarm in the streets and felt like I was in a series.
I've walked all the stories of Macy's but don't think it is the biggest store of the world.
I've shot the Rockfeller Tower and the Empire State Building.
I've taken the plane back home, in business class, thanks to a big brother working in AirFrance.

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