Friday, October 06, 2006


Have important changes occurred in my life so far ?? Oh dear yes.
Some changes :
- I live alone, for the first time
- Bordeaux is not at all like Luxembourg ( I have difficulties to find the english and german magazines I want to read !!!)
- I know more french people than I've ever known before
- I do not hear all these different languages around me, which somehow misses me
- My older friends are no longer my friends, expect for some rare ones
- I walk to almost everywhere, before I lived far from the city and had to take the bus, than the train, than the bus, than walk
- People are more friendly here (...)
- I'm not at school anymore

Well, yes, significant changes have occurred in my life lately.

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Plop said...

Yeah we're most friendly ! Why ? Because weeeeeee aaaaaaaaaare the chaaampions ! ;)