Friday, July 13, 2007


Sorry I didn't blog before... I had almost forgotten about this blog.
I will add pictures as soon as I can.

So, I've been in the Philippines for a little more than a month, and it's a totally new experience.
Very poor parts and wealthy cities. You wouldn't believe how developped it is. Big buildings, banks, enormous malls, cinema complexes and advertisements everywhere, at some point you would think you're in America. Communication is amazing. Everybody has a (or more) phone and texting is like the national sport. Text messages are very cheap, and the Philippines is the number one country for text messages sent per day...
Besides, poverty...Children selling flowers, people selling anything, from bottled water to sponges or hankerchieves. Waiting on the street to tap on the window of the cars, waiting at crossroads, following you... Doing anything to help, like helping you park you car just to receive a "tip".
Lifestyle here is so different. No stress, take your time, enjoy ! Yes really, what I appreciate here is that you enjoy, you should enjoy every moment. Enjoy your meal, your stay... If you want to do something or go somewhere, OK, let's do it ! Nothing is really planned (except for trips or things like that). Live your day and just see what will happen. Spontaneity, surprises, etc.

Ok, that's it for now...
I really like it here, I almost feel at home !!

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