Thursday, November 22, 2007

Extra free time

France is definitely the number one country of strikes !
Started all with angry fishermen, than angry railway workers and now angry students...

Seems like the french are never happy, and always ready to let the others know when they're unhappy. Stereotype ? Maybe, but sometimes it is just so true. Proud, noisy and ... lazy.

Of course it is our right to protest, and show our discontentment, but I think it's going too far.
For exemple, my Technical College is on strike until Monday 12am, mainly for solidarity with the others. (and yes it was democratic vote)

Sooner on a week-end... but lost lessons, too.

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Juliet said...

hi, i read you like a lot of languages...but not mine...why not?
i speak english, french and spanish...but i understand also something of german...however i hope you'll answer me on my blog(i know my englsh id orrible :D )