Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm 19

I don't usually talk about my life in full details here, as this blog is linked to my more of a "professional" blog (the french one), but talking about my birthday is... I think important.

So apparently, yesterday I turned 19. What ? Do you mean this is my last "teen" year ? Oh no... time passes so fast. I invited some people in my place, then we went to a bar where there was karaoke night... but karaokes here are not as good as karaokes in the Philippines ! Philippinos have a tendency to sing like superstars, whereas french like... ok I won't name it, you just guess. Reminded me good times though.
So far, my eighteenth year was my best year of my life, so I shall hope my nineteenth one will be even better. I'm up to many things anyway. Firstly, my internship... Australia, China, London... Where, I don't know ? i'm working on it. Then, next year's studies. I'm going to pass an exam to go in a top business school, hope it will work !
To go back to my birthday, I didn't mention gifts. So far, I didn't receive much yet, apart for Marshmallows (sweet !). I treated myself though. I bought myself a guitar, and also the new whole season of the OC, and the OC soundtrack (OC Mix 6). Yeah, more music for me !!! Guitar time in my appartement, that's just going to be cool.
Oh man, I hope I didn't bore you with these facts... anyway, this is my blog !
See you.


Juliet said...

wow....happy birthday stella!!! newt week will be mine...i'll be 20.

Stella said...

thx !!!